for a more youthful appearance


Waxing is a form of hair removal that removes the hair directly from the root.Our method includes applying wax to a desired area, then a cloth. We then remove the wax along with the unwanted hair. By removing the hair from the root it may take up to 8 weeks for new grow to be evident.

Many benefits of waxing include long-lasting results and leaving the skin feeling silky smooth because the wax not only removes undesired hair, but also removes unwanted dead skin. Waxing can remove large amounts of hair in a small amount of time and waxing is very sensitive skin friendly. Over time, the more continuous and regular you make waxing treatments, the hair will grow back less and the hair that does grow back will become softer and less noticeable.

The pain of this process is only temporary, but remember, beauty is pain sometimes! We recommend approximately 10-14 days of hair growth for ideal removal. Please see our Pricing Table for a list of available waxing areas and prices.

We now have wax for sensitive skin called NuFree! It does not leave the skin irritated or bumpy.

Don’t forget! These services are available for all ages and all genders (maybe it’s about time you treat your man to that back or chest wax he has been needing for years)

Underarm – $25
Bikini – $30
Brazilian – $65
Half Leg – $40
Whole Leg – $70
Chest – $45+
Back – $45+
Half Arm – $22
Full Arm – $30
Eyebrows – $15
Lip – $13
Chin – $13
Jaw – $13
Sideburns – $13
Face (Eye, Lip, Chin) – $35

*Sorry we do not offer Men’s Bikini or Brazilian Waxes at this time.